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Bokken Chaironuri Kashi

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  • BK-02
This  brown stained Bokken  is made of  solid white oak . The brown glazing is... more
Product information "Bokken Chaironuri Kashi"
Recommended for: Beginner, Females, Males
Usage: Iaido, Kata, Kendo
Wood: Lasierte Weißeiche

This brown stained Bokken is made of solid white oak. The brown glazing is based on the fact that the wood’s fibers aren’t structured as smooth as the ones of Bokken Shiro Kashi. The woodfibers run lengthwise the Bokken what is limiting the risk of breakage. The Bokken Chaironuri Kashi is mainly constructed for use in Kata, its length is 101,5 cm.

It is delivered with Tsuba and Tsuba-Dome

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Customer reviews on "Bokken Chaironuri Kashi"
28 Dec 2015


Cool. Echt cool finde ich den Bokken. Es ist ein schön lackierter Stock. Ich bin voll begeistert

23 Aug 2014


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