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Tezashi Kote 1.0bu - Premium Quality

Tezashi Kote 1.0bu - Premium Quality

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That's protection at the highest level.  The  1.0bu Tezashi Kote  adapts... more
Product information "Tezashi Kote 1.0bu - Premium Quality"

That's protection at the highest level. The 1.0bu Tezashi Kote adapts perfectly to your hand shape and offers exceptional flexibility in the wrist. Your Kendo will not go through the roof right away, but the kote provides a perfect base for developing your personal technique - and it also provides rock-solid protection for your forearm. What more do you want?

The most important features are:


Futon: 100% cotton in heavy # 11,000 quality.
Finishing: Tezashi, handmade
Reinforcements: Real deerskin - indigo dyed by hand
Palm: Real deerskin, smoked.

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