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Kote 3 mm Double Protection
Kote 3 mm Double Protection
Kote 3 mm Double Protection

Kote 3 mm Double Protection

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Double Protection - Double Fun!  No, these  Kote 3 mm Double Protection  are not... more
Product information "Kote 3 mm Double Protection"

Double Protection - Double Fun! No, these Kote 3 mm Double Protection are not made for wimps, but for intensive use in all training situations. Whether child, man or woman, for Nito-Kendo or Jodan. Just a little bit of extra protection - you do not treat yourself otherwise! The kote are made after your measurements.

The most important features are:

Futon: 100% cotton in # 8.000er quality.
Finish: Machine stitched, handmade
Palm: Genuine deerskin, smoked.
Upholstery: Deer wool

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