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Kendo Ladies Hakama NYOSHOU

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Exclusively at Kendo24! A world first - only for you Kendo ladies!  The  Kendo... more
Product information "Kendo Ladies Hakama NYOSHOU"

Exclusively at Kendo24!

A world first - only for you Kendo ladies! The Kendo Hakama NYOSHOU is the first Kendo Hakama that adapts perfectly to the female shape. Overall, the Hakama is slightly higher, the side openings a little further. Front and koshita of the Hakama run narrower upwards, the Hakama can be perfectly tied at the waist. Due to its smaller width, the Koshita is more comfortable on the back and does not interfere with the freedom of movement. The Kendo Womens Hakama NYOSHOU is made of high quality # 8,800 cotton and indigo dyed. The inner folds of the Hakama are sewn lengthwise, so that all folds are easy to find even after washing.

The Hakama for women is currently available in three sizes: 165cm - # 24, 170cm - # 25 and 175cm - # 26. Please select your Hakama after your personal height.

For our ladies Hakama NYOSHOU fits perfectly the specially developed ladies Gi NYOSHOU!

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