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Kendo Ladies Gi NYOSHOU

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  • GI-10
Exclusively at Bu Jin Design! Dear Kendo Ladies, this Gi is made only for you!... more
Product information "Kendo Ladies Gi NYOSHOU"

Exclusively at Bu Jin Design!

Dear Kendo Ladies, this Gi is made only for you! The Kendo Ladies Gi NYOSHOU is the worlds first Kendo-Gi, which is specifically based on the shape of the female body. Shoulders, sleeves and waist are adjusted in width and length and tucks on the chest provide additional comfort. Shoulders, neck and chest area are reinforced with Coolmax fabric, which transports sweat to the outside while protecting the high-quality cotton fabric from abrasion. An additional pair of ribbons are attached directly below the neckline to keep the Gi closed while you are not wearing the bogu.

Our Kendo Gi NYOSHOU is made from indigo-dyed cotton with orizashi weaving. The lower third of the gi is held in rhombic optics, thus the gi softens over the thighs. The womens gi is in the sizes Small, Medium and Large available, based on Central European measurement tables for women.

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