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Iaido Hakama Kuroi

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  • HK-03.160
High wearing comfort  not only for Iaido offers this black Hakama made of ... more
Product information "Iaido Hakama Kuroi"

High wearing comfort not only for Iaido offers this black Hakama made of Polyester-Rayon. The fabric is easy to care, machine washable and the ironed pleats are very durable. The Iaido Hakama Kuroi is exclusively made for Iaido 24. The Hakama is excellent for a usage in Iaido, even after a long practise of suwari-waza there will be no damages on the knees. 

You can also use this Hakama for other martial arts as well as for Kendo. Iaido Gi Kuroi and Iaido Hakama Kuroi are made of the identical fabric and are the excellent combination for a perfect look.

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