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Kendo Hakama #11000 Aizome

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  • HK-02.160-23
This  de Luxe Kendo Hakama  is exlusively made for  Kendo 24  in a ... more
Product information "Kendo Hakama #11000 Aizome"
Usage: Kendo, Koryu
Recommended for: Advanced, Females, Males, Professional
Fabric: Cotton
Colour: Indigo

This de Luxe Kendo Hakama is exlusively made for Kendo 24 in a #11000 fabric quality. The hakama is made of 100% cotton and aizome (indigo) dyed. Not the fabric at all has been dyed, but the separate cotton string before weaving. The colour penetrates the string completely, thus the colour is more durable. If you are folding your hakama regularly after practise, the folds will hold for a long time.

AttentionAizome (indigo) dye is not fixed. The fabrics loose colour and will not only stain your fingers blue! 

Washing instructions: I recommend to wash the hakama exclusively in the bathing tub by hand. A good portion of vinegar will stop the loss of colour step by step. Hang the hakama simply into a shady place for drying.

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