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Premium 3 mm Orizashi Bogu

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Premium 3 mm Orizashi Bogu Designing a leather-free Kendo armour is a long-cherished... more
Product information "Premium 3 mm Orizashi Bogu"

Premium 3 mm Orizashi Bogu

Designing a leather-free Kendo armour is a long-cherished wish... to 100% we have not succeeded so far - but we are working on it! Using stable cotton fabric with rice grain weaving (Orizashi) and artificial leather, we can offer an armour that is in no way inferior to conventional armour. Admittedly: A leather armour is in some respects more durable, nevertheless the "whining is on a high level". If you don't want to win the All-Japanese Championships with this Kendor armour, you will have a lot of fun for many years and be safely protected during training.

Men: IBB Mengane, indigo-dyed Orizashi cotton and imitation leather
Kote: Indigo-dyed Orizsashi cotton and Clarino. One chamber.
Do: Plastic do with bamboo look, three decorative lines. The Mune is made of Orizashi cotton.
Tare: Indigo-dyed Orizsashi cotton, five ornamental lines on the Odare.

Our Premium 3 mm Orizashi Bogu comes complete with Tenugui and Himo.

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