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Tezashi Bogu 1.5bu - Master Quality

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  • TEZ1.5bu
The first impression of holding the  1.5bu Tezashi Bogu  in your hand is... more
Product information "Tezashi Bogu 1.5bu - Master Quality"

The first impression of holding the 1.5bu Tezashi Bogu in your hand is impressive. Each stitch sits exactly, the symmetry and perfection of the seams testify to the diligence and effort that has gone into making this armor. Every detail speaks for the highest production quality and you know: this armor is worth every euroAnd after just a short wear, you also know why you have opted for a hand-sewn Kendo boguThe Kendobogu quickly adapts to your own physique and convinced by the high wearing comfort and the exceptional protection that offers just the Men. The Gunome version of the Tare and the Men are the perfect combination of usability and design of Kendo armor.

The Tezashi Bogu 1.5bu is completely handmadeNot only the assembly, but also the production of the futon takes place by hand. The stitching distance of the Kendo armor is 1.5bu, which corresponds to a distance of 4.5 mm. The production of a Tezashi Bogu is very laborious, it must be expected with a delivery time of about three months - the armor is made on request and exactly to your specifications.

The most important features are:

Futon100% Japanese cotton in heavy # 10.000 quality - indigo dyed by hand
Finish: Tezashi, handmade 1.5bu
Reinforcements: Real deerskin - indigo dyed by hand

Men: Titanium Mengane
Kote: One chamber
Do: Black Plastic Do with 60 struts, Mune with three ornamental lines
Tare: Six ornamental lines, Gunome Design

The Bogu comes with our handmade Men-Chichikawa and Deluxe Himo!

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