Return Policy

Ordering without risk

Upon receipt of our parcel, you have a fortnight for checking the products and convincing yourself of their quality. You may then return any article you do not wish to keep. The only exceptions are customized items (f.e. embroidered items) as well as audio tapes, CDs, CD-ROMs and similar articles, if the seal has been removed. 

It is sufficient if you return the goods within this period of time or inform us in writing of your intention. After a fortnight the purchase becomes effective.

However every time goods are returned there are associated transport risks and costs, and these costs have to be paid by you!

Please prepay the postage on the return parcel. In the event of defective products we will reimburse you with the postage paid. 

Therefore we would first ask you to see if friends or dojo mates might like the goods you want to return. Why not simply ask them? This would save you money and you need to not worry whether the parcel has arrived safely. And, last but not least, you will save having to take it to the post office.

!!! If this doesn´t work, or if we have made some sort of mistake, then please contact us at once. Together we will find a solution !!!

Please note the following address for returns:

Bu Jin® Design
Bernd Schwab
Eichbergstrasse 1
36160 Dipperz

If a return by mail is not possible, you can inform us in writing about your return-wish. Please observe the time limit prescribed. Of course we are interested to learn why you are returning goods to us. Kindly indicate the reasons on the return slip.

Consequences of a Return:

During your 14-day right to return period, you may inspect and try on the items – just like in a store. If the merchandise has been impaired beyond such inspection, we may request compensation for lost value. You can avoid this by refraining from using the merchandise like an owner and from doing anything that may reduce its value. We are convinced that you will handle your right to return responsibly. 

Attention: If you order the same item in another colour or size after a return, this is considered a new order and new postage charges will incur thereby.

Goods that are returned to us in less than perfect condition, showing signs of use or not in their original packaging will be returned unchanged!

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