Climate protection

Together for the climate

We enable our customers to voluntarily reduce the climate emissions of their order by supporting a great forest project on Borneo! All it takes is one click in the shopping cart.
We cooperate with the experts at Yook to make climate-neutral online shopping possible in a very uncomplicated way. With your contribution to climate protection you can support an excellent reforestation project on Borneo, because there trees are planted and protected, which draw the climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere for their growth. The forest is also an incredibly important ecosystem for animals, plants and us humans.

The production, shipping and use of products leads to climate-damaging emissions. By helping to reduce these emissions elsewhere, you can offset the climate impact of your order.

You want to know exactly? Then you can find more information on this page.

What exactly is climate compensation?

Good products make our lives easier or more beautiful in many places - but in the production, shipping and use of products, carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere and warm the earth. You can offset these emissions by funding and supporting projects that reduce the same amount of CO2 emissions elsewhere or remove them directly from the atmosphere. In this way you can consume in a climate-neutral way! These projects include, for example, forest protection and reforestation projects, because trees are particularly effective climate protectors.

How does this work?

With every order, you have the option of reducing your own CO2 footprint. If you would like to voluntarily increase your contribution to climate protection, this can be done very easily by checking the appropriate box in the shopping cart. Your climate contribution will also be invested in the selected forest project when you return your order.

Here is an example: The production and shipping of one pair of sneakers results in about 20 kg CO2. With the help of Yook you can support forest projects with a contribution that removes exactly these 20 kg CO2 from the atmosphere. By the way, for 20 kg CO2 you have to invest exactly 1 euro.

Do I have to participate?

You can decide completely voluntarily whether you want to make the climate compensation. This is very easy to do in the shopping cart. This has no influence on the payment process, the quality of the products or the delivery speed.

What do forest projects have to do with climate protection?

Trees are true climate protection heroes, because for their growth they need the climate-damaging CO2 from the air and bind it in their trunk, roots and leaves.

In addition, they protect the soil from erosion, filter rainwater, provide fresh air and maintain central habitat for us humans and millions of animals & insects. So trees are a 100% natural climate protection technology.

Who is behind Yook?

Yook was founded by a climate activist and a software developer to enable climate-neutral online shopping with just one click. They provide easy-to-integrate technology and take over the complete handling of the climate compensation.

What do we particularly like about this? The Hamburg start-up only works with carefully selected, small forest project partners who also work with the local population and specifically promote biodiversity. In addition, Yook ensures continuous monitoring, documentation and transparency of the CO2 compensation payments made and helps online shops like us to take further measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

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