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Musha Shugyo Nikki

Musha Shugyo Nikki

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The  Musha Shugyo Nikki  - the travel diary for the  Aikidoka  - is made... more
Product information "Musha Shugyo Nikki"

The Musha Shugyo Nikki - the travel diary for the Aikidoka - is made from vegetable tanned leather of water buffalos. In the course of your training years, it gains more and more suppleness and patina through the use. With your personal travel diary, you can take notes on the courses you have attended and take note of training tips from your Sensei. It is so robust that it will accompany you for many, many years on your travels to courses and examinations.

The kanji on the cover signify Musha Shugyo (武者修行) - the pilgrimage of the warrior. Traveling, attending seminars, taking part in competitions ... that is the modern form of the sword-student's hike to develop and improve in the sword arts.

Handmade in Germany by Kendo24!

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