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Iaito Customized - Professional

Iaito Customized - Professional

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Iaito configuration - professional
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Tsuka Ito - Silk 
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Menuki ** 
Fuchi/Kashira (without Kojiri!) ** 
Tsuba ** 
Hamon ** 
Saya ** 
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Design your own Iaito! Choose out of a large variety of different fittings and materials and... more
Product information "Iaito Customized - Professional"
Design your own Iaito! Choose out of a large variety of different fittings and materials and order your personal and unique Japanese Iaito! Our Japanese Iaito express highest craftmanship, each sword will be manufactured by hand. The Iaito will be produced in Seki, Gifu-Prefecture, a hotsport for sword manufacturers in Japan. The blades are made of zinc-alloy, produced after the sandcast-method to provide high durability and stability to the blade. The components of our Iaito are made of the following materials: Tsuka: Silk with real Rayskin inlay Menuki: Brass Fuchi/Kashira: Brass Tsuba: Blackended Iron Klinge: Zinc-Alloy with Bo-Hi Koiguchi: Horn Kojiri: Horn Use the configurator below to make your personal choice. To see the fittings in detail just click on the graphics. You should start by choosing the right blade length for you. All the swords are made after your requirements. Please allow us a manufacturing time of up to three month.
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