Aikido Hakama #10.000 Kuroi

Aikido Hakama #10.000 Kuroi


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Product information "Aikido Hakama #10.000 Kuroi"

The black Hakama is made of strong #10000 cotton. The Aikido Hakama #10000 Kuroi is exclusively made for Aikido24. The seams are reinforced, the himo are extra long and the hakama has a flexible koshita. The pleats are sewn on their inner seams to keep the shape and to make it easier to fold the hakama.

Lenght of Hakama --- From the belly button to ankles
Lenght 81cm => Size 21 (150cm)
Lenght: 89cm => Size  23 (160cm)
Lenght 93cm => Size  24 (165cm)
Lenght 97cm => Size  25 (170cm)
Lenght 101cm => Size 26 (175cm)
Lenght 105cm => Size  27 (180cm)
Lenght 109cm => Size  28 (185cm)
Lenght 113cm => Size  29 (190cm)
Lenght 117cm => Size  30 (195cm)

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