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3 mm Nagazashi Bogu

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High Performance is not an understatement for this armor!  The  Japanese 3mm... more
Product information "3 mm Nagazashi Bogu"

High Performance is not an understatement for this armor! The Japanese 3mm Nagazashi Bogu has pretty much all the features that make the difference between a GOOD Kendo bogu and a VERY GOOD Kendo bogu. Starting with the selection of materials, through the professionalism of the bogu makers to the functional details of the kendo armor. But heck, find out for yourself what the armor can do. You will not regret it!

The bogu comes directly from Japan - all standard sizes of the bogu are in stock. The delivery time is eight to fourteen days!

The most important features are:

Futon: 100%  #8.800 cotton with leather applications on Men and Tare
Finishing: Handmade, machine sewn 3 mm.
Reinforcements: Clarino leather, indigo dyed cowhide and heavy #8.800 cotton

Men: IBB Dualumin Mengane with two titanium bars, Nanamizashi, applications and reinforcements made of leather
Kote: Clarino leather, solid #8.800 cotton. Eguri construction: The innovative 4D design creates a natural hand position on the shinai tsuka. This increases the functionality of the Kote immensely! The futon of the right kote is a bit more padded than the left. Kotegashira: Yoroigata
Do: Resin black, resistant plastic do, bamboo look. Nanamezashi Mune with three decorative lines, folded edges made of cowhide.
Tare: With six Tarekasari, made of solid #8.800 cotton with Clarino reinforcements. The Tarehimo run out slim - increased comfort !!!

The armor comes complete with Himo, Chichikawa and Tenugui!

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