Kote 2 mm Bu Jin

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Our masterpiece! The Kendo Kote Bu Jin in 2mm quality exclusively at Kendo24! Our ergonomic kote Bu Jin are the results of years of training experience, the constant question of the requirements of the exerciser and the unwavering search for the best materials.
The ergonomic shape of the kote supports the correct position of your hands in kamae, both kote are individually angled for a perfect grip.
#8800 cotton and best korean leather are used for the kote, as well as a supersoft, antibacterial fabrics for the inside of the kote. They have two kera (segments) and are polstered with real deer wool for optimal sweat absorbtion. The kote are extremly well-made and the kote-buton have proven very hard-wearing.

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From: Laura 18.06.2014 12:48

Sehr praktisch

Ich finde diese Kote äußerst praktisch. Sie müssen nicht erst monatelang eingetragen werden, wie normale Kote, sondern sind direkt weich und startbereit. Außerdem ziehen sie die Hände in die richtige Position, eben so, wie man das Shinai halten sollte. Richtig praktisch, gefällt mir gut.

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