3 mm Bogu BU JIN

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Product information "3 mm Bogu BU JIN"

Our masterpiece! The Kendo Bogu Bu Jin in 3 mm quality exclusively at Kendo24! Our ergonomic kendo armour Bu Jin is the result of years of training experience, the constant question of the requirements of the exerciser and the unwavering search for the best materials. The distance between each parallel-running machine-stiched seam is 3 mm. The smaller the distance between the seams, the more durable and resilient the Kendo bogu is - and the better your protection! The complete kendo armour, including leather reinforcements and decorative parts, is assembled by hand. The bogu is made of tough #8800 cotton and the high-quality cowhide and fabric are dyed traditional indigo. The bogu can be individualised by the choice of shape and colour of the embroidery of the mune. The standard version of the do is black, but as an extra you can choose from many different colours and motifs. The delivery time for the bogu is about eight to ten weeks after receipt of payment. Should you have special requirements, such as a particular colour of the do, delivery takes maybe a few days longer. With a girth of more than 110 cm or a heigths of more than 190 cm it might be neccessary to choose a XL-bogu. Please contact Kendo 24 for more informations! The right bogu for each kendoka - my recommendations: 3 mm bogu are the ideal for your routine training. These bogu are exeptionally good value, combining great workmanship with a low price. I can therefore recommend the one to anybody who, besides doing routine intensive training, would also like to take part in courses and competitions from time to time. MEN: The men has a IBB duralumin/titan mengane, which combines the benefits of both materials: the strength of titan, where the shinai hits the mengane, and the low weight of the aluminium for the rest of the mengane. The durability and the protection skills of the men are increased by leather reinforcements and leather parts on the upper section of the men. The hitting area on the top of the men is especially reinforced over 2/3 of the men-buton to protect against strikes, which doesn´t hit exactely on the defined area. The men is made of #8800 cotton. The inner polster ring (uchiwa), the forehead and chin cover (ten and chi) are covered with a supersoft fabric with antibacterial qualities, reducing bad smells. DO: The do is made of synthetic material. The basic black model is bamboo-look. The mune is made of korean cow leather and it has two or three decorative lines according to the embroidered motif you choose. The leather edges are folded. KOTE: #8800 cotton and best korean leather are used for the kote, as well as a supersoft, antibacterial fabrics for the inside of the kote. The ergonomic shape of the kote supports the correct position of your hands in kamae, both kote are individually angled for a perfect grip. They have two kera (segments) and are polstered with real deer wool for optimal sweat absorbtion. The kote are extremly well-made and the kote-buton have proven very hard-wearing. TARE: The tare is manufactured of #8800 cotton in the unique Kendo24 design. The leather parts are stitched on by hand. The tare has six to seven kasari (decorative lines), depending on the pattern of the mune. The tare-obi is made slightly softer than the odare and kodare, for a more comfortable fit of the tare obi under your tanden. It will support your Ki much better than regular tare does. The bogu comes along with all the himo, a tenugui and a bogu bag.

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From: Jörg Ullmann 2013-10-24 18:31:38

sehr schöne Rüstung mit hohem Tragekomfort

Diese Rüstung macht schon einiges her. Alleine von der Optik ist sie direkt in den eigenen Händen schon schöner als auf den Bildern, aber auch das Tragen ist sehr angenehm.
Der Do ist robust, aber auch leicht und dennoch elastisch. Die entsprechenden Himos sind angenehm breit, wodurch er auch im Schulterbereich bei Bewegungen gut und bequem aufliegt.
Bei Kote und Men ist vor allem die weiche Innenpolsterung zu betonen, wodurch diese Rüstungsteile trotz direktem Hautkontakt nirgends drücken oder scheuern.
Die Tare ist flexibel, sodass sie sich jeder Bewegung anpasst, und dennoch steif, wodurch man wohl keine Probleme mit unsauberen (Do-) Treffern haben wird.
Alles in allem meiner Meinung nach eine wunderbare Rüstung für diejenigen, die hohe Qualität zu einem guten Preis haben möchten.

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