Japanese Iaito KAEDE - 2.50 shaku

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Highest handicraft art and skills are expressed by these Japanese Iaito at Iaido 24. Each sword has been manufactured by hand, only the best japanese materials are used.
The blades are from aluminum-alloy, they has been produced by using the sand-cast method. Unlike swords made in the die cast method is the stability of our blades much higher.
The Iaito come from the Gifu Prefecture, one of the strongholds of forging in Japan. The knowledge of generations of experienced sword smithes is gathered in this region and the results are Iaito like these beauties from the Iaido 24 - collection.
The presented swords are unique, especially produced for Iaido 24. A constantly changing assortment provides a wide selection of Iaito. If your dream - sword is currently not available, please get in contact with us directly. It´s a pleasure for us to meet your personal requirements for your own Iaito.
Tsuba: Maple
Fuchi/Kashira: Tendrils
Menuki: Tree
Hamon: Gunome
Tsuka-ito: Brown Cotton
Same: Real Rayskin in black
Saya: Ichime brown brilliant
Sageo: Brown Cotton
Hilt Length: 27 cm
Blade Length: 2.50 shaku
Weight: 880g
Tsuba, Fuchi/Kashira and Menuki are made of brass. The delivery includes sageo, swordbag, oil and oil-clothes.

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